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Photo : Toni LaBel


Public Art

Public Art like this piece in Altadena increases the beauty and character of the places we live. We want to bring more public art to our community.  We envision Charles White* Park named for one of the great artists of the 20th century as a wonderful location, but we believe public art should be available throughout Altadena through murals, sculpture, and digitally. Click below to learn more about our first public art project.


Art Festival at Charles White Park
Coming next October 2022.

Altadena Arts dares to dream past the current pandemic and boldly looks ahead to a brighter future when we can join together to celebrate the Arts and Artists of our community. The Arts Festival will be a day-long event where artists can show and sell their work, enjoy live performances, food, drink, and family craft activities. Do not miss it.

Photo: Toni LaBel

Art Class

Arts Education: Seeing Ourselves

Teaching was important to Charles White. Altadena Arts will continue that legacy with an educational program centered on the art and life of Charles White* to engage our youth while also elevating the art and artists of color, women artists, and artists with disabilities.


Art of the month

Adjudicated by a peer review panel, we have selected 12 artists to either create new artwork or show a recent piece created for 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  These artists represent a wide range of styles and aesthetic point of view. 

Our Artist for March is

Ariana Page Russell

*The Charles White Archives are not affiliated with Altadena Arts and does not represent the estate and/or artwork created by Charles White.

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