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Public Art

Greetings from Altadena!

Altadena Arts is proud to support our first Public Art Project, Greetings from Altadena,

a mural on the exterior of the Grocery Outlet store in Altadena.

This is a project managed and organized by Victor Veng and Lisa Beggs of Greetings Tour.


You can also vote on what images you would like to see as part of this public art piece.

More information about this project, vote for your preferred image, 

and to support it directly can be found here.


Altadena Arts aims to support more public art in our community. 

Our ongoing project is a public art piece to honor our NorthStar,

Charles White, who is the inspiration for our nonprofit organization.

Charles White Park is one of only two public parks in the United States named for an artist. 

We are still working  to create a monument and plaque that honors the park's namesake. On November 7, 2020, the Charles White Archives* and its executor Ian White agreed to provide the text to a plaque. On December 9, 2020, Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation department had identified additional funding to support this project based on a proposal created by Altadena Arts. Parks and Recreation are currently serving as Project Managers. A committee was formed including representatives from the Altadena Town Council, Altadena Arts, County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation, and Charles White Archives.    

Help us bring more public art at Charles White Park and throughout Altadena by making a contribution

and/or become a founding member.


Click here to make a contribution.

*The Charles White Archives are not affiliated with Altadena Arts. It does not represent the estate and/or artwork created by Charles White.

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