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Art Education: Seeing Ourselves

Seeing Ourselves is an in-school art education residency. Two teaching artists provide arts instruction to 4th & 5th graders inspired by Charles White*, one of the great African-American Artists of the 20th century and former Altadena/Pasadena resident over eight weeks at a local school.  Teaching was important to Charles White*. As he said: "I dig teaching. It’s where it’s at. It’s a great part of my daily existence."


This educational program centers BIPOC artists, Women Artists, and Artists with Disabilities in the curriculum who have often been marginalized in the history of art and culture in the United States.


The goals of Seeing Ourselves are:


  1. Introduce students to the work and life story of Charles White* and other BIPOC artists.

  2. Create original pieces of art as a vehicle to learn more about the process of Charles White and to explore their own art practice.

  3. Inspire students to explore their own art practice as an expression of their cultural heritage, identity, and personal history.


Altadena Arts was honored to pilot this program in May 2021 at Aveson School for Leaders and will be continuing in Fall 2021.  The medium of art may include drawing, painting, and photography.

If you like Altadena Arts to bring this program to your public school, charter school, or a community setting,

please contact Eugene Hutchins.

This program is made possible in part by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation, Wilheim Foundation, and the support of our Founding Members and contributors like you. 

*The Charles White Archives are not affiliated with Altadena Arts. It does not represent the estate and/or artwork created by Charles White.

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